The JULIA Dual-Action Airbrush System is finally here!

The JULIA Dual-Action Airbrush System is finally here!

The JULIA Dual-Action Airbrush System is finally here! This system is the best airbrush system available for cake and cookie decorating, as it virtually eliminates overspray, speckling, and clogging with white and metallic colorings. Plus, no disassembly is required for routine cleaning, and it comes with a lifetime service warranty from Badger Air-Brush Co. Buy your JULIA Dual-Action Airbrush System!

The system includes:

  1. The JULIA Dual-Action Airbrush
  2. The JULIA On-Demand Air Compressor with 5-foot quick-connect air hose with inline air regulator (110V, 43 psi maximum operating pressure)

Key Features:


  1. Dual-action trigger, for better control and fewer spraying mishaps
  2. Superior atomization (aka finer spray) due to fine needle tip
  3. Less overspray due to small (0.3 mm) nozzle opening
  4. Works well with all mediums, including white and metallic food colorings, due to unique nozzle configuration
  5. Large (1/4 oz/7 ml) coloring cup, for everything from small to large jobs
  6. Easy-to-remove coloring cup cap to avoid coloring spills
  7. Quick-connect adaptor to quickly and easily swap in different airbrushes
  8. Easy to clean - minimal to no disassembly required!
  9. No tools required after any initial disassembly
  10. Ergonomic weighting toward nozzle end
  11. Reversible nozzle guard for greater needle visibility or more needle protection – the choice is yours! 

Compressor and Hose:

  1. Relatively high maximum operating pressure (43 psi), for everything from close-range detail work to broad coverage
  2. On-demand activation, meaning it operates only when the airbrush trigger is depressed, which also means it's very quiet!
  3. Fully variable air flow control
  4. Air flow controlled with an inline air regulator, conveniently located on the hose rather than the compressor
  5. Clear air hose to easily detect any moisture accumulation
  6. Long (5-foot) air hose, for flexibility in setup
  7. Convenient carrying handle

Watch these how-to videos from JULIA:

The New JULIA Airbrush: An Airbrush 101 Video: This video contains a feature and benefits overview, as well as the basics of how to set up and operate the airbrush.

How to Clean the JULIA Airbrush: This video covers both routine and exceptional cleaning methods, and demonstrates how extraordinarily easy it is to clean this airbrush – no disassembly required for routine cleaning!

Download Instructions: JULIA_SYSTEM_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf
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