Statue of Liberty and USA Confection Collection

Statue of Liberty and USA Confection Collection

You won't need fireworks to light up your next gathering when you bring out Confection Couture's Statue of Liberty and USA Confection Collection!

What you will need:

What you'll need



Prior to loading the AirGenie airbrush system, shake each bottle of DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring. You only need three to five drops each time you load the airbrush tool.

USA #1

Grab the first stencil.

Stencil Genie

The Stencil Genie works great to hold the stencil in place over top of the each cookie.

Quadrant Masking Tool

Use the Quadrant Masking Tool to protect other areas of the cookie from overspray.

All together now

Combine the stencil, Stencil Genie, and Quadrant Masking Tool.

Blue east

Place the Stencil Genie over your cookie. You can use a long needle or similar device to help hold down elements of the stencil that may tend to lift, especially near the rounded edges of the  cookie.

Apply the color in light, even coats, making sure to hold the airbrush tool at a 90° to the cookie surface.

One and done

And just like that, the first cookie is complete!


It's time for cookie #2.


You'll want to isolate the "U" and the "A" for this part.


Glad Press'n Seal works great for isolated smaller elements of the stencils.

Remove wrinkles

Cut an appropriate size piece and place onto the stencil. Next smooth out the Press'n Seal to remove any wrinkles or bubbles.



Use cookie magnets to help press the stencil flat against the cookie surface.

U of A

No S

Once these two letters are complete, place this cookie aside and allow to dry.

RepeatEach color and elementBlue stars

Repeat the above steps for other elements and colors.


Move on to the next cookie. As much as possible, airbrush one color at a time. This will limit the number of times you need to clean the airbrush tool.


Land of the...Because of the...

You're finished with Navy Blue for now, so let's move on to Super Red!

But first, be sure to clean out your airbrush tool by rinsing out the reservoir with water several times, then running water through it with the AirGenie turned on full power, and finally once again with grain alcohol or 100-proof vodka

Super RedSuper SRed S

Now you can mask off and complete the "S" in "USA".

Red StripesLooks like a flag

Place your flag design aside for now.

Free peelin'


Let freedom reign


Thanks to the Quadrant Masking Tool, you can cut out elements of multiple designs.

Malibu blue

Afterwards, simply mask off the trimmed element you're not using at that moment.


Then, move the masking tool to the opposite design for the next cookie.


 What a lady

War of Stars

To add some flare, airbrush some random stars onto the background of the cookies using all three colors!

Star power

Free and Brave




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