St Patrick's Day Shamrock Shower Cookie Background Stencil

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Shower Cookie Background Stencil

Airbrushing 4 Leaf Clover Shamrock Shower St Patrick's Day Cookies

Shamrock Shower cookie stenciling

This St Patrick's Day if you can't find a 4 leaf clover, make your own shamrock shower with Confection Couture's background cookie stencils! You won't need much to stencil these lucky cookies. Everything you need is listed below:

  • Shamrock Shower Background Cookie Stencil -
  • The Stencil Genie Cookie Decorating Tool -
  • AirGenie Airbrush System -
  • Cookie Magnets -
  • DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring
  • 2oz Plastic Bottle with Dropper Tip 3 pack -

Fill the color well of the airbrush about halfway

Start by arranging the cookie stenciling accessories neatly on your countertop. This way you will be organized before starting. Start by filling a 2oz plastic dropper with Amerimist Food Coloring. The bottle dropper works much easier for precisely loading the airbrush. Fill the color well of your airbrush about halfway to get started.

Test the airflow on a piece of paper towel

Test out the airflow on a piece of paper towel before stenciling your cookies. Start with the airflow turned all the way up and airbrush a few test lines onto a piece of paper towel. Turn the airflow down a little then airbrush another line. Continue testing the airflow on a piece of paper towel until you reach a good flow to stencil with. Beware of having the airflow set too high as the food coloring could be propelled beneath the edges of the stencil design.

Place the cookie stencil into the stencil genie with cookie magnets on top

With the airbrush ready it is time to stencil some cookies! Place the Shamrock Shower background cookie stencil into the Stencil Genie, then place the setup over your first cookie surface. The Shamrock Shower stencil should lay flat on the cookie surface. Use the magnets to weigh the stencil down around the cookie edges.

Use an airbrush needle to hold the stencil flat to the cookie surface

Now you are ready to pick up the airbrush. Test the flow rate once more on a piece of paper towel to make sure color comes out evenly. Aim the airbrush straight down at the cookie and gradually build the color in 2-3 coats. Check to see if the stencil design lays flat to the cookie surface as you airbrush. If the topcoat of royal icing is not completely smooth, you may want to use a spare airbrush needle to hold the stencil flat.

Hold the stencil down flat with a needle or chopstick as needed when the stencil doesn't lay flat (Just be careful not to nudge the stencil out of place).


Sometimes for round cookies you will want to work on one side of the cookie at a time

Sometimes for round shaped cookies you need to do a little fudging to lay the stencil flat. Instead of placing magnets in all corners of the Stencil Genie, focus on one side at a time. Place the cookie magnets in two corners so that about half the design lays flat on the cookie. Airbrush the portion of the design that is currently held to the stencil surface. Once you get full color, move the cookie magnets to the other corner so more of the design lays flat.

Work on one side of the cookie at a time

As you stencil, remember to use an airbrush needle or chopstick to hold the design flat where need be. This will prevent blurry edges from food coloring being propelled beneath the stencil. Continue to build the color gradually and ensure that the stencil does not shift as you airbrush. Shift the cookie magnets from one corner to the next, lightly building color until the cookie is complete.

Remove the cookie magnets, lift off the stencil genie, and place on the next cookie

Before you lift off the stencil genie, always be sure to remove the cookie magnets first. Lift the Shamrock Shower stencil straight off the cookie surface then place onto the next cookie. Repeat the steps as before, airbrush each cookie, remove the cookie magnets, and lift the stencil off as you go until you have a lucky batch of St Patrick's Day shamrock cookies. Check out the video below for more information!

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