Graduation Cookie Stencil Collection by Confection Couture

Graduation Cookie Stencil Collection by Confection Couture

Show the New Grad How Proud You Are with Confection Couture's Graduation Cookie Stencil Collection

Graduation Cookie Confection Collection

Make Graduation Day even more special with Confection Couture’s Graduation Cookie Confection Collection. These stencils work great with both airbrushing and royal icing and include a variety of design choices. Besides confections, these pieces can also be used to create greeting cards, gift tags or to embellish scrapbooks.

This stencil set includes:

2 overlay Background: approximately 5 x 5 inches
Messages small enough to fit inside openings of background squares (which are 2" x 2") 

Stars w/ Grad message: 3" x 4" 

Hats Off Grad: 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" 

Diploma: 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Cap and Book: 1 1/2" x 1 3/4"

The following accessories are demonstrated in this tutorial and are available at

Once you have chosen your cookies (or created your own using cookie cutters), assemble the AirGenie Airbrush System.

Replace Amerimist Food Coloring cap with dropper

The cap from the Plastic Bottle with Dropper fits perfectly on your Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring.

Load first color into AirGenie Airbrushing System

Load the airbrush tool with the first color.

Use measuring cup to load second airbrush tool

You can load a second airbrush tool by using a large measuring cup to hold the tool upright. This saves time when switching between colors.

Load stencil into Stencil Genie and use magnets to secure

Next, load the first stencil in the Stencil Genie and use cookie  magnets to  secure hold the stencil flat against the  cookie surface.

Test airflow on paper towels

As always, test the airflow of the  stencil tool on a clean wad of paper towels (or white paper) prior to airbrushing your cookie.

Use long needle to press down any lifting areas of stencil

Use a long needle or chopstick to hold down any portion of the stencil that is lifting slightly from the cookie.

Apply color in light even coats

Apply the color in light, even coats.

Rotate stencil 90° to create plaid pattern

Next, rotate the stencil genie (with stencil) 90° and apply more black to create plaid background.

Switch to silver sheen coloring to add shine to cookie

Then, switch to silver sheen to create a shimmery effect.

Use Quadrant Masking Tool to protect from overspray

For the center design, use the  Quadrant Masking  Tool to protect areas of the cookie  from unwanted overspray.

Fill in center design

Repeat the airbrushing technique.


Create the next center design

Continue on to the next design.

Use Glad Press'n Seal to mask off more intricate designs

For more intricate designs, use Glad Press’n Seal to mask off smaller elements of  the design.

Lightly press to remove bubbles and wrinkles

Apply light pressure to remove any bubbles or wrinkles.

The Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool is perfect for trimming around small elements

Use the Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool to trim around smaller design elements.

Peel away trimmed portions

Peel away the excess Press’n Seal.

Be creative!

Be creative when combining different designs.

Hats off to Grads!

Confection Couture's Graduation Cookie Confection Collection will make your graduation celebration a sweet memory for everyone!

Make Graduation Day even sweeter!

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