She Said Oui Cookie Confection Collection

She Said Oui Cookie Confection Collection

Friends and family will say “S’il vous plaît!” when you bring out Confection Couture’s She Said “Oui” Cookie Confection Collection at your engagement celebration!

What you will need:

 What you'll need


Moscowpetal pinkPink Moscow

Prior to loading the AirGenie airbrush system, shake each bottle of DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring. You only need three to five drops each time you load the airbrush tool. Apply the color in light, even coats, making sure to hold the airbrush tool at a 90° to the cookie surface. Do not airbrush until the food coloring begins to collect into droplets. Rather, apply a light coat and place the cookie aside and add more coats later.

Glad Press'n Seal

corner plaquefirst stencilGlad Press'n Seal

As much as possible, airbrush one color at a time. This will limit the number of times you need to clean the airbrush tool. Glad Press'n Seal works great for isolated smaller elements of the stencils.


Pressing engagementGyro CutPeel out 

Cut an appropriate size piece and place onto the stencil. Next smooth out the Press'n Seal to remove any wrinkles or bubbles. Now, use the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to trim around the desired stencil element. Peel away the trimmed portion to reveal the element.

Stencil Genie

Stencil GeniePink stripesBackground complete

The Stencil Genie works great to hold the stencil in place over top of the each cookie. Place the bottom half of the Genie over the cookie. Then, place the stencil over the cookie and add the top half. The Stencil Genie's magnets will hold the two halves together and hold the stencil tight. Use a long needle, chopstick, or similar tool to help hold the lines of the stencil flush against the cookie surface.

NextAdditional stripesSecond background

Repeat the above steps for airbrushing the pink striped background on the Madrid cookie.

Quadrant Masking Tool

quadrant masking toolPink heartBig love, tiny heart

For the heart stencil, try the Quadrant Masking Tool for isolating shapes on stencils with multiple designs and for protecting other areas of the cookie from overspray. Combine the stencil, Stencil Genie, and Quadrant Masking Tool. Use cookie magnets to help press the stencil flat against the cookie surface. Repeat this step for the other pink heart cookie.

cleaning the airbrush toolGold shimmerheart of gold

 Before switching to the next color, True Gold Shimmer, be sure to clean out your airbrush tool by rinsing out the reservoir with water several times, then running water through it with the AirGenie turned on full power, and finally once again with grain alcohol or 100-proof vodka.

To create the gold heart cookies, repeat the above process that you used for the pink hearts.

Ring stencilRingFill in the ringSpin itChop chopOne ring

For the gold on the ring stencil, use the Glad Press'n Seal, Gyro-Cut, and Stencil Genie again. Leave the area around stencil break uncolored, then rotate the stencil about a quarter turn and finish airbrushing. This allows you to fill in the ring all the way around (except for where the diamond will be, of course).

Finish the pinkMidnight blackOoh la la

Don't forget to go back and finish the pink background on the Moscow cookie (it helps to have a spare airbrush tool so you don't have to change colors as often). Next, switch to Midnight Black and fill in the words for both ring cookies. Again, you'll need the Press'n Seal, Stencil Genie, and Quadrant Masking Tool.

EiffelEiffel for youOui oui 

Continue on for the other cookies with words, the black ribbon on the Madrid cookie, and also the Eiffel tower design on the Corner Plaque cookie.

The maskDiamonds are foreverShimmery

Now, switch to True Silver Shimmer and airbrush the diamonds onto the ring cookies.

FlarePink flaresAll done!

To add a little flare, isolate elements from other stencils. Be creative!


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