Pumpkin Patch Cookie Confection Collection

Pumpkin Patch Cookie Confection Collection

You'll add some spice and everything nice when you bring out this Pumpkin Patch Cookie Confection Collection from Confection Couture.

Here's everything you'll need:

Preparing to Stencil

For the stacked pumpkin cookie, place an appropriately sized piece of Glad Press'n Seal over the stencil. Flatten with you fingers to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. 

Next, take the Gyro Cut craft and hobby cutting tool and trim around the largest pumpkin element. Turn the blade sideways and use it to gently lift one corner of the trimmed plastic. Then simply peel it away!

Now, pull apart the two halves of the Stencil Genie and place the bottom (thicker) on your workspace with the magnets facing up. Place the stencil with the desired element centered inside the square.

Next, use the Quadrant Masking Tool to protect the edges of the cookie from overspray. 

Place the Screen Genie over the apparatus and lock everything in place using the top portion of the Stencil Genie.


Place the entire assembly over the cookie and line up the stencil. Use Cookie Magnets to help press the stencil flat against the cookie surface.

Load the AirGenie airbrush tool with a 3-4 drops of DecoPac Aqua airbrush food coloring. Always test the airflow on a stack of paper towels or plain white paper prior to spraying the cookie. Adjust the flow as needed using the knob on top of the unit.

Apply the color using tight circular movements. Once the color is bright and even, gently lift away the stencil apparatus to reveal your first element!

Next, take the larger square cookie and arrange the stencil so that two of the stripes are centered inside the Stencil Genie. Use the quadrant masking tool to mask off the exposed edge. Add the Screen Genie and airbrush the aqua stripes using the aforementioned technique.

Next, mask off the body of the truck and airbrush it with the aqua coloring.

For the topmost pumpkin in the back of the truck, try mixing some white coloring with the aqua to create more of a light blue shade (see below for more detailed instructions of how to accomplish this).

Cleaning the Airbrush Tool

Before switching to a different color, you'll need to clean your airbrush tool.

First, disconnect the hose and rinse out the reservoir 3-4 times using clean water. Next, reattach the hose, refill the reservoir, and run clean water through the tool until empty. Repeat once more with water and finally a third time with an inexpensive 100-proof vodka. This will ensure that there is not liquid left in the tool that could inadvertently dilute the next color. Run the tool for a couple more seconds after the reservoir is empty.

Mixing Colors

To mix colors, use a clean bottle with dropper tip. Shake  thoroughly before testing the color using the airbrush tool. Mix white with brown to achieve the color of the top pumpkin and the sign cookies.

Airbrush the top pumpkin and the sign background using the light brown you just created. Save some of this coloring.

Use straight brown to airbrush the stems on the pumpkins in the back of the pickup.

If necessary, add a second coat of light brown to the sign.

Switch to tangerine and mask off the other pumpkins and the front lights on the pickup. Airbrush these elements as described earlier.

Airbrush the horizontal orange stripes on the large square cookie.

Next, airbrush the middle pumpkin on the pumpkin stack cookie.

Airbrush the pumpkin element on the small square cookie.

Now, switch to black and airbrush the outer trim and then the word "Pumpkins" on the arrow cookie.

Mask off and airbrush the window and wheels on the pickup truck.

Finally, airbrush the text on the small square cookie. Then, I used the aqua coloring to fill in the swirls on either side of the pumpkin and also to add a little "pop" to the stem.

Your friendly Pumpkin Patch cookies are finished and ready to make your family and friends "fall" in love with autumn all over again!

For more tips and ideas, visit ConfectionCoutureStencils.com today.

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