Nordic Lodge Cookie Confection Stencil Collection

Nordic Lodge Cookie Confection Stencil Collection

Nordic Lodge Cookie Confection Collection

Winter weather is just around the corner, what better way to stay warm and cozy than by decorating a beautiful batch of sugar cookies with the family? This six-piece cookie stencil set includes everything you need to stencil the perfect "collection" of warm and cozy Scandinavian-themed cookies for Christmas or Winter. This set includes a knit sweater pattern, a folk snowflake background, message, and 3 separate multi- overlay accent stencils to give detail and whimsy. has the perfect cookie stencils for airbrushing, royal icing, or other confectionery techniques.

Nordic Lodge 6 Piece Confection Set

Follow along to learn how to decorate your own cookies, all the tools used are listed below:

Stay Cozy stencil in Fuchsia

Let’s start decorating our warm winter cookies with the “stay cozy” yarn ball stencil. The colors that we are going to use to decorate this whole batch are fuchsia and sky blue Amerimist airbrush food coloring. Start by placing the stay cozy cookie stencil into the stencil genie, center the design on top of the cookie, and place cookie magnets around the edges. The stencil genie holds the cookie stencil over the cookie while the cookie magnets hold the design flat to the surface. Load a bit of fuchsia into the airbrush and hold the airbrush gun straight up and down. Be sure to test the color on a piece of paper towel to adjust the airflow before stenciling. Lightly mist the design through the stencil 4-6 inches from the surface.

Blend in Sky Blue over the text

Airbrush the whole design fuchsia before moving on. If you wanted to stencil multiple cookies with this design you would remove the cookie magnets and shift the Stencil Genie onto the next cookie. Once you are ready to add the second color you must first clean the fuchsia out of the airbrush. Follow these steps each time you need to clean the airbrush before switching colors:

  1. Run the airbrush into a bowl or sink until the color runs out.
  2. Turn the airbrush off, rinse the tip and color well with water.
  3. Fill the color well with water or vodka and run the airbrush into the sink once more until it comes out clear (vodka dries faster, but water works too).
  4. Gently dab the color well and tip of the airbrush dry with paper towel

Now that your airbrush is dry, load it with sky blue Amerimist food coloring. Test out the flow rate on a piece of paper towel, and lightly airbrush the words “stay cozy”.

Always remove the cookie magnets before lifting off the stencil genie

Always remove the cookie magnets before lifting off the Stencil Genie. The colors blend into a brilliant purple by airbrushing sky blue over the fuchsia. By airbrushing through a Confection Couture stencil, you can have a crisp design every time!

Strategically color and overlap airbrush food coloring

The Nordic Lodge Cookie Confection Collection is the perfect kit for blending interesting color combinations. For the knit cookie stencil we randomly airbrush sky blue food coloring here and there to leave room for fuchsia. When filling in the blank spaces be sure to overlap some of the sky blue with fuchsia to blend more purple color.

Remove the magnets before lifting off the stencil genie

Lift off the cookie magnets and Stencil Genie to admire your multicolor knit yarn design. All the cookie stencils in this collection work well using a mix of colors and the designs are perfect for your local knitter or winter lover.

Two Part Overlay side one

Other stencil designs in this kit features a two part overlay for additional accents on your cookies. Here we are stenciling a hot beverage two-part design. Start with the mug and straw by airbrushing them fuchsia. Next clear out the fuchsia food coloring and fill it with silver Amerimist airbrush food coloring. Carefully airbrush just the whipped cream with the silver food color before clearing out the airbrush once more for the next color.

Two part overlay side 2

Remove the stencil genie and swap out the mug stencil for the matching accent stencil. Line up the accent stencil over the cookie so that it matches the design. Load the airbrush with blue and lightly fill in the details just as before.

Two part overlay final cookie

Now your mug should have purple dots and the whipped cream has blue sprinkles!


All of the cookie stencils in the Nordic Lodge Cookie Confection Collection go perfectly together. These cookie stencils are made of food safe mylar, clean up easily with warm water, and are great for decorating with airbrushed food coloring or royal icing. If you like these cookies visit to check out our other designs. Watch the video above for a step-by-step tutorial on airbrushing these cookies!


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