NEW! Cookie Stick Stencils and Cookie Stick Cutter from Confection Couture

NEW! Cookie Stick Stencils and Cookie Stick Cutter from Confection Couture

Introducing Confection Couture's new Cookie Stick Stencils and matching Cookie Cutter!

Decorate your own cookie sticks for a variety of occasions including weddings, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, baby showers, gender reveals, Fourth of July celebrations, and others.

What can you I use to stencil cookies?

Whether it’s airbrushing or using royal icing, Confection Couture has everything you need to stencil the perfectly beautiful and whimsical cookie! This includes an incredible selection of stencil designs for all occasions, airbrush systems, colorants, and accessories.

What kind of icing do you use for cookie stencils?

Royal Icing works best for either coloring and creating the stencil itself or for creating a perfect surface onto which to airbrush your stenciled design.

Can you airbrush cookies?

It’s easy to create beautiful designs on cookies or cakes using our incredible selection of stencils and accessories!

What do you need to airbrush cookies?

Confection Couture has everything you need to create whimsical designs on your cookies or cakes for any occasion!

What is the easiest way to decorate cookies?

Using stencils, in conjunction with either airbrushing or royal icing, is a super easy way to create exciting themed cookies for any holiday or celebration or just for the fun of it!

Here's what you'll need:

The first step is to bake and ice all the cookie sticks you will need.

Once you cookies are cool and the royal icing is hardened, take your Stencil Genie and separate the upper and lower portions, placing the thicker side down with the magnets facing up. Center you chosen stencil design in the center of the square. Next, place your Screen Genie over top of the stencil.

Now, use the remaining piece of the Stencil Genie and lock everything together. Place the entire apparatus over the cookie, lining up the design where it is to be stenciled. Use cookie magnets, in stacks of three or four, on either side of the stencil to help hold flat against the cookie surface. Load your AirGenie airbrush tool with four to six drops of DecoPac airbrush food colorant. For the "Mom" design, we chose the Raspberry color.

Test out the flow on a stack of paper towels prior to airbrushing each cookie and color. Adjust the flow as needed by turning the small knob on top of the unit. Use a chopstick or long needle to help hold down the stencil where the cookie might be curved or not flat as you airbrush. Stencil using light coats and by moving the airbrush tool in a tight, circular motion. Once finished, place the first cookie aside to dry.

Repeat the above steps to airbrush the "Tied the Knot" design using Electric Blue colorant.

For the "Way to go GRAD" design, use a Quadrant Masking Tool to cover the "GRAD" text. This way you can stencil the "Way to go" in a different color: Navy Blue.

Use two Quadrant Masking Tools to isolate the "or" text of the baby-themed design. Stencil this with Navy Blue as well...if you choose.

Mask the "DAD" text in order to airbrush the "#1" portion of the father-themed cookie.

For more intricate masking tasks, such as on the "USA" stencil, try using Glad Press'n Seal. Cut a piece the size of the stencil and cover it completely, using your fingers to flatten it, removing any bubbles or wrinkles. Next, use a Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to cut around the stars and "S" elements. Turn the blade sideways and use it to lift a corner of each cut area and then peel away the plastic over the three aforementioned elements, leaving everything else covered. Airbrush through the stencil as described above.

To finish the USA cookie, peel away the Press'n Seal and replace it with a new piece (or flip the old piece around to reuse it). Cut out the "U" and the "A" and switch to Super Red for stenciling.

Mask off and airbrush the upper feet elements on the baby cookie using Petal Pink.

Switch to Malibu Blue for the lower feet elements. Your 'Girl' or 'Boy' cookie is now complete!

Use Firestone colorant to complete the "Way to go GRAD" cookie.

Emerald Green is perfect for finishing the "#1 DAD" cookie.

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