Key To My Heart Valentines Cookie Stencils by Confection Couture

Key To My Heart Valentines Cookie Stencils by Confection Couture

Unlock their heart this Valentine’s Day with a key made out of royal icing! has the perfect cookies stencils for a crush, secret admirer, or any of your valentines. In this quick tutorial we demonstrate how to use some of these two-color designs with royal icing. All of the royal icing used in this demonstration has been colored using Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring.

All the tools used here are found on our website and listed below!

Line up the stencil with stencil magnets

For starters you will want to make sure that you are working with a magnetic cookie sheet. While not totally necessary it will help you secure the cookie stencils with cookie magnets. Place a few stacks of 2-3 cookie magnets strategically around the cookie to hold the stencil with. Line up the stencil design and place a final magnet on each stack to hold the stencil in place.

Spread royal icing through the cookie stencil with a tapered baker's spatula

Next you will want to take your tapered baker’s spatula and spread a good amount of icing through the stencil design onto the cookie. Spread the icing as smoothly as possible. You want to be able to do this in one fluid motion to coat the entire design. It doesn’t hurt to touch it up if you missed any spots!

Lift the cookie stencil off of the surface of the cookie

The last step is to remove the top cookie magnet holding the stencil in place, lift off the cookie stencil, and set the cookie aside for the royal icing to dry. You can repeat this process for as many cookies as you would like in this design and color. If you want to switch colors, rinse off the stencil in hot water and dab dry with paper towel before continuing. Once the royal icing is dry the cookie will be ready for a second coat to get their details.

Smoothly scrape the royal icing through the cookie stencil

By following these steps, the process is quick and easy as you move on from one design to the next. Keep in mind that you will want to set aside the cookie before doing any of the details. This gives the royal icing you are stenciling on top of a chance to dry.

Once the base coat of royal icing is dry stencil the details on top

When it is time to stencil the second layer of detail is when you really get to have fun. Try mixing up the colors to make your cookies stand out. Lay the cookie stencil over the cookie just as before with the magnets holding the design in place. Take a little royal icing in your next color and spread it through the details.

A batch of multicolored cookies for Valentines Day

Before long, you will have a whole batch of multicolored cookies in an assortment for Valentine’s day. Show off your creativity and baking skills to your loved ones using stencils from to decorate! No Valentine’s Day goodie bag is complete without a homemade dessert. These Key to my heart cookie stencils are quick and easy to use. Check out the video below for a step-by-step demonstration!

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