Independence Day Cookie Stencil Collection from Confection Couture

Independence Day Cookie Stencil Collection from Confection Couture

Welcome to another cookie decorating tutorial from Confection Couture. In this How to Stencil Cookies tutorial, we will show you how to decorate 4th of July cookies with stencil templates from our Independence Day Cookie Collection. We will walk you through basic how to stencil cookies techniques, how to airbrush multi-colored cookies, and how to airbrush borders on cookies.

This collection features three America-themed cookie stencil templates that can be combined in to make your own custom designs! All of our stencils are made from a durable and reusable 10 mil food grade Mylar and can be used to decorate cookies with either airbrushing or royal icing.

supplies to stencil fourth of July cookies 

Supplies to Stencil Independence Day Cookies:

How to Prepare to Airbrush Cookies

We stenciled our first cookie with our "God Shed His Grace on Thee" cookie stencil template. This stencil template comes with two font options and two decorative star-spangled border choices. We stenciled the border first. 

The first thing you need to do to decorate these patriotic cookies is position the stencil template on top of the cookie. For this, you'll need to use the Stencil Genie to hold the stencil in place. Because we used a stencil template that features four separate stencil designs, we used the Quadrant Masking Tool to cover the three stencil designs we didn't stencil. 

how to use a stencil genie how to use a Quadrant Masking Tool how to use cookie magnets

First, lay the bottom half of the Stencil Genie around the cookie. Now, position the stencil template over the cookie where you want to airbrush the design. Now, use the two Mylar sheets of the Quadrant Masking Tool to create a frame around the stencil design you will airbrush first. Lay the top half of the Stencil Genie over everything. 

We also used Cookie Magnets to hold the stencil template close to the cookie. This is will help prevent "under-spray" when the coloring spraying under the cookie stencil where the stencil is slightly lifted off of the cookie. Once everything is in place, it is time to airbrush your 4th of July cookie. 

How to Airbrush a Star Spangled Border on Cookies

Now for the stenciling. Load a few drops of coloring into your AirGenie. We used Navy Blue for our first border. Test the airflow on a paper towel first, and adjust the air flow with the dial on the AirGenie as needed. 

 how to test airbrushing airflow how to airbrush cookies how to airbrush a border on cookies

To prevent under-spray, airbrush the cookies with a light airflow applied in small circular motions. Airbrush several light coats of coloring until the color has built up. If you notice any areas where the cookie stencil template peels up off the cookie, you can use a chopstick, knitting needle or similar tool to keep the stencil template flat.

how to decorate 4th of July cookies how to airbrush 4th of July cookies

When you finish airbrushing the border, set the cookie aside to dry. While you wait for the cookie coloring to dry, go ahead and stencil the next cookie. We stenciled different borders on each of our three 4th of July cookies, including a star pattern on our Home of the Brave cookie. 

how to stencil patriotic cookies star spangled cookie

Feel free to mix and match. 

How to Prepare Smaller Designs for Stenciling

You can also stencil more intricate designs with smaller details in two colors, as we did with our Home of the Brave cookie stencil template. We stenciled the words with Super Red and the bordering fireworks design in Navy Blue to match our other red white and blue cookies. Instead of the Quadrant Masking Tool which we used to stencil the other two 4th of July cookies, we used Glad’s Press’n Seal to isolate the two elements we airbrushed separately. This is a really easy way to stencil smaller, multicolored designs on cookies and cakes.

how to airbrush two color cookies how to use a GyroCut

First, lay the Press’n Seal over the cookie stencil template. Smooth the Press’n Seal until there are no bubbles or wrinkles. Then, use the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to carefully cut out the design elements you want to stencil first. We stenciled the fireworks in Navy Blue first. Remove the Press’n Seal cutouts, leaving the rest of the Press’n Seal over the stencil to mask the designs you want to airbrush in the second color.

how to decorate 4th of July cookies Home of the Brave cookies

Use the Stencil Genie and cookie magnets as you did before. Airbrush the first color as usual, with light coats of coloring. When you are finished airbrushing the first color, set the cookie aside to dry, but leave the stencil in place. When the cookie coloring has dried, remove the Press’n Seal, but not the stencil. Place a new piece of Press’n Seal over the cookie stencil template. Again, use the GyroCut tool to cut out the second color stencil design elements, but leave the elements you just airbrushed covered with the Press’n Seal.

Clean your airbrushing tool before adding the second coloring. Airbrush the rest of the stencil as you did before. Easy.

How to Stencil the Second Color 

First, place the bottom half of the Stencil Genie around the cookie and position the cookie stencil template on the cookie. Use Quadrant Masking Tool to frame the stencil design you will airbrush in your second color. Place the top piece of the Stencil Genie over the top to hold everything in place, and position the cookie magnets as needed.

how to stencil independence day cookies how to stencil 4th of July cookies

Clean your AirGenie airbrush system before adding a new color to the system. Drop a few drops of the second (we used Super Red) coloring into your airbrushing system. As before, test out the color on a paper towel before airbrushing the cookie. Just in case the spray sputters. 

how to airbrush liberty cookies how to decorate 4th of July desserts

Airbrush the cookie in several thin coats of color to prevent under-spray. Use a chopstick or knitting needle to keep any wayward stencil cutouts flat against the cookie as you airbrush.

And that is how to stencil Red White and Blue Fourth of July Cookies!


Watch our How to Stencil Independence Day Cookies video Tutorial: 

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These red white and blue Independence day cookie stencil templates are perfect for decorating 4th of July picnic cookies and cakes. You can easily airbrush patriotic desserts for this year's fireworks festival. 

Share pictures of your delicious stenciled cookies with us on social media! We love seeing scrumptiously decorated desserts.

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