Graduation Cookie Stencils and Matching Cookie Cutters by Confection Couture

Graduation Cookie Stencils and Matching Cookie Cutters by Confection Couture

Tell the new grad they are bound for greatness, just like these Graduation Cookie Stencils and Matching Cutters from Confection Couture!

These easy-to-decorate cookies are sure to be a success at your next graduation celebration. has all the tools you need to make your treats a cut above the rest.

Here's what you'll need:

Getting Started

The first step, of course, is to bake and ice your cookies!


    For masking intricate stencil elements, such as the cap on the "Way to go GRAD" cookie, try using Glad Press'n Seal. 

    First, cut a piece of the Press'n Seal roughly the size of the stencil and place over the stencil. Use you fingers to flatten out the plastic, removing any bubbles or wrinkles. 

    Use the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to cut around the edge of the stencil and peel away the excess. Then, trim around the cap element. Carefully peel away the plastic over the graduation cap, leaving the tassel, border, and text covered and protected from the airbrush spray.

    Preparing to Stencil

    Next, separate the two halves of the Stencil Genie and place the thicker portion (for thicker cookies) down on your work surface, magnets facing up. Place the stencil on top of the square and lock it into place using the other half of the Stencil Genie.

    Now, place the assembly over the cookie in the desired location. Add cookie magnets, in stacks of two, three, or four around the cookie to further aid in holding the stencil flat against the curved cookie surface.

    Load 5-6 drops of Midnight Black DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring into the reservoir of your AirGenie airbrush tool. Always test out the spray on a stack of paper towels prior to airbrushing each color and cookie. Adjust the flow as needed by turning the knob on top of the unit.

    Apply the color in light coats moving the airbrush tool in a small circular motion. Use a long needle or chopstick to hold down any remaining areas of the stencil that are not touching the cookie surface. This will help prevent underspray.


    For the cap cookie, use the corner of a Quadrant Masking Tool to cover the tassel and protect it from the black colorant. Lock the masking tool in place over the stencil using the magnetic Stencil Genie. The other steps are the same as above.

    Use the Press'n Seal to mask off the text "Class of" on the 2022 cookie.

    Also, try the Screen Genie for keeping the thin lines of the text nice and crisp! This wonderful tool not only helps to press the stencil flat against the cookie - it also gently slows the colorant as it approaches the stencil thus deterring it from traveling underneath the edges of the stencil design.

    To use the Screen Genie, simply lay it over the stencil and lock it into place using the top of the Stencil Genie, which perfectly within the square frame surrounding the mesh.

    If you have a spare airbrush tool, place this one aside as you will need black later on. You can keep the airbrush tool upright to avoid spilling out the colorant by resting it on the top of a large measuring cup.

    Cleaning the Stencil Tools


    To clean your stencil tools, such as the Screen Genie and the the stencils themselves, simply rinse them with water under a faucet or by using a bowl of water and a spray bottle. Be sure to dry them completely using paper towels or a lint-free dish towel before reusing them!


    Next, load some Honey colorant into a spare airbrush tool. Mask off the the dotted border of the tall cookie and airbrush as you did earlier.

    Cleaning the Airbrush Tool

    Before changing out colors in an airbrush tool, it will be necessary to clean it.

    To accomplish this, first disconnect the hose and rinse out the reservoir 3-4 times using clean water. Next, reattach the hose, fill the reservoir with water, and run it through the tool on the highest setting. Repeat this step, once more with water, and then a third time using using an inexpensive 100-proof vodka. Continue to run air through the tool for a few seconds after the reservoir is empty to ensure that no liquid remains.

    Navy Blue

    Next, load some Navy Blue and stencil the tassel on the cap cookie. This time, use the inside corner of the Quadrant Masking Tool to mask everything around the tassel.

    Also stencil the numbers on the "2022" cookie using a new piece of Press'n Seal for masking.

    Next, mask off the tassel and text on the tall cookie and airbrush these elements with the blue colorant.

    Lastly, use the black to finish the "Way to go" text. 

    Your cookies are finished and ready to celebrate a bright future for your favorite grad!

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