Confection Couture's Stencil and Airbrush Tool Cleaning

Confection Couture's Stencil and Airbrush Tool Cleaning

Check out these cleaning tips before starting your next Confection Couture cookie airbrushing project!

AirGenie Airbrushing System

DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring

Rinsing the stencil

Stencils can be reused and wash easily by dipping and rinsing in a bowl of clean water. Pat dry with a paper towel or dish towel. This procedure also works well for the Stencil Genie and Quadrant Masking Tool.

Be sure to clean the airbrush tool thoroughly before switching to a different color.

 Rinse out reservoir

Rinse out the reservoir four or five times with clean water.

 Run clean water through the airbrush tool

Next, fill the reservoir with water and run it through the tool with the dial turned all the way up.

 Repeat with water and then once with food-safe alcohol

Repeat this once more with water and then a third time with grain alcohol or 100-proof vodka. Once the reservoir is empty, continue to run air through the tool for a couple seconds.

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