Coffee Stencils by Confection Couture

Coffee Stencils by Confection Couture

Make each cup even more magical with Confection Couture's wide assortment of Coffee Stencils! 

There's no need to tip a barista when you follow these simple steps to making your own delicious, caffeinated art at home.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Coffee stencils
  • Coffee (either from a coffee maker or...if you're a could use instant)
  • Milk frother
  • Topping of your choice: cinnamon, cocoa powder, nutmeg, etc.

When frothing your milk, make the bubbles as small as possible so that the topping has an even surface to rest upon.

As you pour your coffee and milk, adjust the level so that the top of the milk is just below the top of the cup. You'll want as little space as possible between the milk froth and the stencil. You do not, however, want the stencil resting on the milk itself.

When adding your topping (cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg), shake it through a fine mesh sieve. This help control the amount of powder that's passing through the stencil.

Add the topping very lightly, moving the shaker around the entire design, until the shape is completely filled in.

All of our stencils are made with durable, food-safe mylar and are washable for years of enjoyment.

Folks will be lining up around the block for your crafty coffee creations!

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