Birds of a Feather Are Stenciled Together

Birds of a Feather Are Stenciled Together

Bird Family and Birds On A Wire Cookies

Decorate your next batch of cookies with a flock of birds! Check out this tutorial to learn the techniques to airbrush your cookies in multiple colors. To do this you will need all of the materials below, which can be found on

Load the airbrush with the bottle dropper

To load your airbrush, we recommend using a 3-ounce bottle with a dropper tip. This works better than loading the airbrush with the whole bottle of food coloring because the dropper tip is more precise. Fill the bottle droppers with each color you are using. Be sure to note which bottle contains which Amerimist food coloring. Fill the color well of the airbrush about 3 quarters of the way full.

Load your stencil into the stencil genie with the quadrant masking tool

Next you will want to prepare your cookie stencil by loading it into the Stencil genie. We start with the bird family stencil. Since we want to stencil the birds a different color from the words, we will use Glad Press n’ Seal to mask off the section you are working on. Use the quadrant masking tool to prevent food coloring from going through the other designs you will be stenciling onto other cookies. Center the exposed design onto the cookie then place cookie magnets over the top of the stencil to hold the stencil design flat.

Always test the airflow on a piece of paper towel before stenciling your cookies

Before you start airbrushing the stencil design onto the cookie surface you should always test the air flow of the Air Genie Airbrush on a piece of paper towel. You should set the air flow on the lower side so that the color comes out slower but more consistent. This will help prevent the airbrush from spraying food coloring beneath the stencil design.

Build the color of the stencil gradually in 3 light coats

After airbrushing each bird, remove the cookie magnets, then lift the stencil genie off the cookie surface. Failing to remove the cookie magnets before lifting off the stencil could cause the magnets to fall onto the cookie below. Shift the quadrant masking tool and continue airbrushing each bird onto your cookies.

Mask off the wire with Glad Press n' Seal

For the Birds on a Wire cookie stencil we isolated the wire using Glad Press n’ Seal and a Gyro-Cut. Use the same Sky Blue Amerimist Food Coloring as on the bird family to color this stencil design as well. Build the color lightly in 2-3 coats of food coloring before moving the stencil onto your next cookie. We find that using a chopstick, trussing needle, or other stick-like tools can be useful to hold the stencil details flat as you work your way around the stencil.

Airbrush your next cookies in Amerimist Royal Blue food coloring

Once you have airbrushed all of your cookies in sky blue food coloring you are ready for your next color. Empty out any remaining food coloring and run vodka through the airbrush until it comes out clear. Let the airbrush dry before adding the next food color, in this case Amerimist Royal Blue. Make sure the Bird Family cookie stencil is rinsed off before masking off each of the birds using Glad Press n’ Seal. Use the quadrant masking tool and line each bird up as you airbrush Mama, Papa, and baby bird. When you have airbrushed all the words empty the airbrush out and rinse with vodka once more for the next color.

Airbrush Amerimist Green food coloring through the masked off stencil next

Load the airbrush with green food coloring and place the Birds on a Wire stencil over the cookie with the birds masked off. Place the cookie magnets and lightly begin to airbrush Amerimist Green food coloring through the unmasked portion of the stencil design. Completely color the design and lift it off of the cookie surface. Repeat until all of your birds are on a wire!

Now you have a creative flock of bird cookies for your family

Airbrushing your cookies in multiple colors is that simple! Just be sure to work on the process in stages as you go. For more information check out and watch the video tutorial below!

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