AirGenie Airbrush Tool Disassembly and Cleaning

AirGenie Airbrush Tool Disassembly and Cleaning


When it's time for a thorough cleaning, your AirGenie airbrush tool will need to be disassembled.

Airbrush tool


Removing the handle

First unscrew and remove the handle.
Needle chucking nut
Next, remove the needle chucking nut.
This allows you to remove the needle. Be careful. It's sharp!
Needle cap

Now, unscrew the needle cap.
Nozzle cap
Next, remove the nozzle cap.
Loosening the nozzle

Now, take the small wrench that came with your AirGenie tool and loosen the nozzle.
Removing the nozzle
Once loose, hold with the nozzle with your fingers and twist the entire body in order to unscrew.
Spring guide

Next, unscrew and remove the spring guide.
Needle chucking guide
Remove the needle chucking guide. 
Separate spring from the needle chucking guide to ensure that you don't accidentally lose it.

Next remove the trigger by turning it 90° and pulling it out of the slot.
Auxiliary lever
Now, turn the body upside and shake out the auxiliary lever.


Soaking the components
Soak all of the components in either distilled water or an inexpensive 100-proof vodka for several minutes. If necessary, wipe down any parts that still contain food coloring residue. Carefully remove all the pieces and place aside until completely dry.


Replacing the nozzle
To reassemble your airbrush tool, first reinstall the nozzle.
Screwing the nozzle
Again, hold the nozzle between your fingers and turn the the body in order to screw it back into place.
Tightening the nozzle
Use the wrench to tighten.
Replacing the nozzle cap
Now, replace the nozzle cap.
Replacing the needle cap
Screw the needle cap back into place.
Replacing the trigger
Next, take the trigger and insert into slot sideways before rotating 90° making sure that the grip lines on top face forward. There are two notches inside the body that the left and right pins fit into.
Replacing the auxiliary lever
Hold the trigger in place while you insert the auxiliary lever using a pair of tweezers. The narrow end should face up and the bowed side should face the rear of the tool. This is the trickiest part of reassembly so use patience - it may require several attempts.
Replacing the needle
Once the lever is properly inserted, allow it to lean against the base of the trigger while you carefully insert the needle. Gently push the needle into the rear of the body and also through the opening in the auxiliary lever and trigger. The needle should travel through the entire unit coming to rest at the nozzle.
Replacing the needle chucking guide
Next insert the needle chucking guide by turning it so that the slot facing downwards.
Replacing the spring
Place the spring over the guide.
Replacing the spring guide
Reattach the spring guide by screwing it back on until there is no more resistance and the threads are tight.
Testing the trigger
If everything is assembled properly, pulling back on the trigger should cause the needle to move backwards with it.
Replacing the needle chucking nut
Next, screw the needle chucking nut back into position.
Replacing the handle
Lastly, reattach the handle. 

Your AirGenie airbrush tool is once again ready to decorate your delicious delicacies!

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