Underwater Ephemera Collage Cookie Using Julia's "Underwater" Background Stencil

Underwater Ephemera Collage Cookie Using Julia's "Underwater" Background Stencil

So why am I making this underwater cookie scene in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record?! Good question! It’s because I just went on a cookie cruise to Cozumel for a week, where the organizer told me I had to teach a “steampunk under the sea”-themed cookie, and, well, this is my take on that cookie! Admittedly, it’s more of an underwater ephemera cookie with lots of little sea-themed edibles (that won’t last long around anyone with even a mild penchant for sweets)! But there’s a clear nod to steampunk in the metallic cookie gears on top! In addition to molding and spraying cookie gears, I hit on many techniques with this cookie, which is what makes it such a good teaching tool. In this video, you’ll learn about airbrushing, stenciling, dusting, stamping, fondant appliqués, royal icing transfers, and isomalt, as we make everything from sea glass and mermaids to sea urchins and sea anemone! I also talk about 3-D layering methods for assembling this collage-style cookie.

Techniques shown in video:

  • How to Airbrush cookie stencils

  • how to use edible dust for cookie decorating

  • How to use fondant appliques in cookie decoration

  • How to use royal icing transfers

  • How to use Isomalt

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