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School Rules Dynamic Duos™ Stenciled Cookie

Back to School

It’s hard to believe that summer is on its way out, and that kids will be headed back to school in a few days. But, fortunately, I’ve got just the cookie treats to ease kids (and teachers and parents!) into the school spirit. They’re made with my new “School Rules” Dynamic Duos™ stencil sets – which include one set of background (and foreground) elements, and another set of complementary messages and frames. I’m especially fond of these sets, because they contain more elements (six and seven, respectively) than most of my other Duos™, making the design possibilities even greater! In this video, I show how to use the background set all by itself, as well as how to layer it with the message and frame set. What’s more, I demonstrate that stencils needn’t be used just to stencil – they can be used as guidelines for other techniques, such as dusting and piped royal icing transfers, which I use to dress up these cookies even more.

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