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Magic Wishes Dynamic Duos™ Stenciled Cookie


I’m a firm believer in science, facts, and that you, and only you, control your own destiny! But, at times like these, I’m willing to suspend a little disbelief. After all, who wouldn’t love a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust to blunt their coronavirus blues? With this video, my aim is to give you some of that magical sparkle by introducing you to “Magic Wishes”, one of my recently released Dynamic Duos™ stencil designs. It features fairies and oversized flowers, and its inspirational messages allow it to work for anything from a little girl’s birthday to an older woman’s promotion or retirement, or as an any-occasion pick-me-up gift. In this video, I provide an in-depth lesson in working with both the background AND the message and frame sets that comprise this design. I also show some less conventional ways to use this set that don’t involve stenciling directly on the cookie, such as making wafer paper fairy wings and flowers, dimensional fondant appliqués, and royal icing transfers. MY INSPIRATION FOR THIS STENCIL DESIGN: All of it goes to English artist Cicely Mary Barker who lived from 1895 to 1973. Her wonderful and whimsical fairy-and-floral illustrations in the book “A Flower Fairy Alphabet” (first published in 1949; cast their magic spell, and, ever since, I’ve wanted to render something similar in stencils! RELATED VIDEOS: My Stencil Line Playlist (with more how-to videos using stencils from my line): How to Make Royal Icing (with Consistency Adjustments): MY MOST COMMONLY USED TOOLS: Many are here in my new Amazon store: OTHER SPECIALTY TOOLS: My “Magic Wishes" Dynamic Duos™ Background Stencil Set: My “Magic Wishes” Dynamic Duos™ Message and Frame Stencil Set: My Stencil of the Month Club: My Entire Stencil Line (which is continually expanding): More Cookie Stencils on the Confection Couture Stencils Site: Stencil Genie (aka Stencil Frame): Wafer Paper: Fabriliquid (wafer paper conditioner): Paper Potion (another wafer paper conditioner): 3 mil acetate, aka Duralar (for royal icing transfers for daisy centers): RELATED RECIPES: Gingerbread Cookie: Royal Icing: AIRBRUSH COLORINGS USED: AmeriMist Deep Pink, Spectrum Flow Sky Blue, and AmeriMist Violet (for daisy petals); AmeriMist Lemon Yellow and Orange (for daisy centers); AmeriMist Electric Green and Avocado (for stems, leaves, and fairy bodies); Spectrum Flow Sky Blue and AmeriMist Violet (for blue bells); Spectrum Flow Sky Blue and AmeriMist Deep Pink (for fairy wings) ROYAL ICING COLORINGS* AND CONSISTENCIES: White: Thick flooding consistency (for daisy center transfers) and thick “glue” consistency (for assembly) Violet (AmeriColor): Beadwork consistency (for borders), although any one of the colors used on top would make a good border color *I use liqua-gel concentrated colorings to tint royal icing.

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