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I'm Yours Prettier Plaques Stenciled Cookie

Valentine's Day

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everyone! This week, I’ve got another stencil set to show you from my new Prettier Plaques series, designed in partnership with Stencil Ease. It’s my “I’m Yours” set, and it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday! At the end of the video, I also reveal my January Stencil of the Month, another Valentine’s stunner, which is part of my special members-only club. What’s this club-thing all about? Glad you asked! If you subscribe to my new Stencil of the Month Club (link to sign-up below), you’ll get a surprise Julia Usher stencil set each month for nearly 20% off normal retail value. What’s more, as long as you stay a member, you’ll receive an exclusive members-only 15% discount on other stencils and accessories on the Stencil Ease site. As for the details of this video, I’ll show you how to use “I’m Yours” exactly as intended, along with options for (1) adding shading around the message with petal dust and (2) selecting areas of other stencils to create embellishments.

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