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Bakery-Themed Cookie Embellishments (A Companion Video)


In this video, I show how to make the fun embellishments used on my popular bakery-themed cookies that appeared in my previous video. Those cookies used my “Live Sweetly” Dynamic Duos™ stencil sets for airbrushing of the bakery shop background pattern. However, in my usual more-is-more style, I dressed up those cookies with lots of dimensional decorations. Those decorations are the subject of this video, and they include everything from mini modeled royal icing breads and piped sugar canisters to fondant rolling pins and cupcakes. Basically, there’s lots of sweetness headed your way, so please view on!

And, P.S. Even if you don’t make cookies, you’re sure to find a happy home for these embellishments on cupcakes and cakes!

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