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3-D Airbrushed and Stenciled Heart Box Cookie

Valentine's Day

Hi, everyone! As I mentioned in my last video where I introduced my “Roses Are Red” Dynamic Duos™ stencil sets, I’m now going to show you how to use those same sets to create a fully 3-D heart-shaped cookie box, perfect for weddings, bridal showers, Mother’s Day, and, of course, Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve watched any of my 3-D cookie videos, you probably know that 3-D work – just the shaping and baking of the pieces, not to mention the decorating - can be time-consuming and complicated. But, by using these stencils, you will greatly reduce the complexity of the decorating, and end up with a highly polished design in a relatively short period of time.

Now, if you’re a long-time viewer, you probably also know that I’ve made heart-shaped cookie boxes before. But, in all past instances, the size and shape of those boxes was constrained by the 6-inch heart-shaped baking pan over which I shaped and baked the box sides. But . . . no longer! In this video, I share a simple double-baking trick that will allow you to customize your heart-shaped box to any heart shape (fat or narrow) and to any size (large or small)!

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